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Five Easy Steps to Become PGN Customer

If you need detail information and willing to subscribe as PGN Customer, our frontliners are ready to help you at your location.


Fill out the Gas Subscriber Form

The Gas Subscriber Form can be obtained from the PGN Contact Center by calling 1500 645 or by visiting the closest PGN Area Office

Survey of the Location

A PGN officer will contact the prospective customer to conduct research, gather data, and discuss the needs of the prospective customer

Signing of Agreement

The prospective customer and PGN will sign a Gas Sales Agreement once the entire gas subscriber evaluation process has been completed.

Preparation of Gas Flow Infrastructure

Thereafter, PGN will prepare the necessary gas infrastructure starting from the main gas pipeline to the gas metering station at the customer's location, whereas the prospective client will construct pipeline installations and prepare the appliances that will be fueled by natural gas for usage

Gas In

Once all the procedures are complete, customers' appliances are connected to the gas flow, an event referred to as Gas In.