PGN Customers


Through its business activities, PGN is able to serve all energy user segments, comprising:

Power Plant

Besides being eco-friendly, the natural gas-fueled power generators are far more efficient compared with the use of oil or coal-driven power generators.

Manufacturing Industry

PGN provides good natural gas energy for industries that involve heating and drying, ovens, and power generation processes as well as many other industrial appliances.

Service Industry and Commercial

Customers in this sector rely on natural gas as a source of energy to drive businesses such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, other Small and Medium Enterprises.


GASKU refers to natural gas that is used as fuel in the transportation sector through Gas Filling Stations (SPBG) for public transportation such as Taxis, Buses, Bajaj, or any pivatvehicles.

Besides providing SPBG service, PGN also provides Mobile Refueling Units (MRU) called GASLINK to serve natural gas fuel users in certain locations.

Residential and Small Customer

One of PGN’s roles in serving the needs of the Indonesian people is to meet Residential households’ need for natural gas to fuel equipment such as gas stoves, water heaters, air conditioners and other gas equipment, as well to meet the needs of Small Customers such as Hospitals, Places of Worship, Restaurants, Offices and other Commercial activities.